Directorate of Agriculture

The two thirds of the population are engaged in agricultural activities and they earn their living from this business. Agriculture is main source of employment in rural areas and its tool of progress of villages all around. The state government is always ready to help farmers who are paving way for the second green revolution in Gujarat. Various activities are carried out by Director of Agriculture throughKrushi Mahotsav and Agricultural Support Schemes so that all villagers take maximum advantage of innovative technology and doing prosperous farming through which make the state and country rich.

Know about Irrigation Facilities

What should farmers do for irrigation facilities ?

  • For proper soil and water conservation/storage one should adopt good and appropriate methodologies of agriculture.
  • Storage of rainwater through check dams and agricultural ponds.
  • Appropriate changes should be made where water is stored in production of seed and nursery.
  • By adopting drip and sprinkler irrigation methods one can save 30 to 37% of water. Also, quality and production of agricultural crops increases.

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Mechanization in Agriculture

What should farmers do for Mechanization in Agriculture ?

  • Farmers should use mechanization in agriculture from land preparation and in harvesting thrashing as well. There should be proper use of machinery according to farm size and crop.
  • Expensive machinery can be brought or rented between a group of farmers.
  • There should be increase in use of agricultural machineries such as zero tilej seed drill, raise and fro planter, laser land leveler, etc.
  • Farmers can be given trainings on the proper use and maintenance of machinery through training centers or other ways.
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Know about Seeds

What should farmers do for seeds ?

  • Seeding should be done according to the local weather as well recommended seed variety and fixed distance.
  • Always buy from a vendor authorized to sell certified seed. Seeds should be brought from the stores where they are stored in a cold, dry and clean place.
  • Pea crops except wheat, rice and pulses, mustard and sunflower crops except maize crops should be exchanged every three years.
  • Always use pesticides which are fit for particular type of seeds, and are ensured for use of particular land and are pure genetically.
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