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Soil & Water Testing Laboratory

Soil & Water Testing Laboratory

There are 20 Soil Testing Laboratories working in the state covering all the districts of the state which provides free of charge testing facilities to the farmers of all districts of the state under soil health card programme. Total soil samples analyzed during 2005-06 was 2, 91, 855 against target of 1,90,000 soil samples.

There are only one laboratory existing for testing of soil Micronutrients. Five Soil testing Laboratories are also carried out testing of soil Micronutrients along with soil testing. Total soil samples analyzed for Micronutrients was 483 against target of 7500 soil samples during year 2004-05.

State Government launched a innovative programme to provide soil health card to each farmers for keeping with ready made information on soil facility of their soil for fertilizers recommendation & for crop planning in succeeding year. Under this programme 10 soil samples from each village of total 18218 villages of the state. We collected & analyzed in state laboratories. On the basis of soil test analysis report, soil health cards was prepared with entering computerized data of soil test, fertilizers recommendation, reclamation of soil, crop planning etc. & computerized prepared soil health cards were distributed to 4.92 lakh farmers during 2005-06.

During Krishi Mohotsava, about 2.35 lakh soil health card were distributed to towards & about 1.02 lakh soil samples were collected (considering 5 soil samples from each village). Which will be analyzed during current year 2006-07 & soil health card will be distributed to farmers.

Under this programme Agriculture University has given responsibility to develop soft ware containing ready made data as soil testing, fertilizers recommendation. Crop Planning for getting guidance for farmers. A grant of Rs.2.00 crores was given to Science and Technology Department during 2005-06 to develop 'farmer's data bank' & computerized net working.

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